The craze about Machine Learning (ML) is at an all-time high, What is it about? Why are people actually interested in this? Let’s see if I can shed some light on ML for a general person.

“Learning from experience”, this phrase is applicable to every person in the world. …

Hypothesis testing sounds kind of complicated. I assure you it’s not, in fact, it’s a cool concept that you can learn which will definitely help you in your career as a Data Scientist, Analyst, Product Manager, etc.

First, let’s break down ‘Hypothesis’,

Thesis: Something already established as a fact.


In this blog, let’s talk about the essentials needed for you to get started on learning descriptive statistics.

As the name suggests, descriptive statistics describe the data quantitatively and gives us a summary of its features. Let’s break it down further, by quantitative data I mean the values of their…

Sriram Sureshkumar

Data science aspirant

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